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Ellie Dickin

"Show me what you're made of"

When Ellie Dickin (Yr 8 Roberts) wrote to the BBC in early May 2012 asking to appear on this children's show, she had no idea if she'd be successful. After a 'phone interview, Ellie had to make a film about her bedroom which led to an interview in London. 400 children between 11 and 14 applied for the 5 places..... and Ellie was one of the lucky ones! For three weeks in August she worked in a trainer factory and rubber plantation in Penang , a cosmetics factory in Bangkok , a jeans factory in Bangkok, a tuna processing factory in Sulawesi, Indonesia  and a chocolate factory in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. She  lived with families and experienced first-hand the poverty and culture of the people. Ellie stayed in boarding houses and mud huts with holes in the ground for toilets and buckets for showers. She ate crickets in the night market and fish heads for lunch! It was a huge culture shock but was certainly the adventure of a life time.

Watch Ellie on ‘Show me what you’re made of’ all this week starting from tonight at 4.30pm on CBBC.
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