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Fairwater House - 'Vivens Ex Somnio'

 * 'Living the dream'



'A special place full of special people'

(Ben French - son of former housemaster Aubrey French on return to Fairwater in 2006)




'It really is as good as everyone says it is'

(Damon Booth on joining Fairwater in Sept 2007)

There is no doubt that Fairwater House is indeed a very 'special' house, with a colourful past, a vibrant present and a very exciting future.

Fairwater House is steeped in history and tales from the past abound, from misty eyed Old Tauntonians who return every year to relive happy times they spent in Fairwater. Friendships forged in the house years ago, are fondly recalled, along with stories of a terrific camaraderie and house spirit that is still very much alive and kicking in Fairwater to this day. Built in 1844, Fairwater House began life as a manor house and indeed Taunton School was built on its grounds over 160 years ago - we are the bedrock of the school in more ways than one! We have had to endure some friendly banter from some of the other houses when they remind us that many years ago Fairwater House was in fact a lunatic asylum!

The asylum and indeed the lunatics are now long gone and although the boys in Fairwater are very proud of their 'special history', they are now busy creating their own history and their own place at the very heart of Taunton School. That unique mix of the old and the new creates a real buzz about the place on a day to day basis and that 'special atmosphere' is preserved by thoughtful, enthusiastic and positive boys who care deeply about their house and their housemates. An average day and an average boy does not exist in Fairwater and there is always something happening and something going on. Boys are encouraged to treat the house like a second home and the few rules that do exist, focus on the need to treat all - young and old - with respect. It is no coincidence that the word 'fair' appears in our house name and honesty, integrity and 'fairness' are central to all that we do.

Fairwater House has really gone from strength to strength in recent years and even the smallest of successes are celebrated with great enthusiasm. We are an 'opt in' house with a 'can do' attitude and Fairwater boys thrive on a positive challenge. This positive, upbeat and forward thinking attitude is tangible to visitors when they step through the doors, as is the mutually supportive atmosphere and quite unique house spirit.       


We welcome any newcomers with open arms and pride ourselves on the level of support given to new boys. The older boys treat the younger ones with great respect and consideration and conflict and friction are virtually unheard of. In Fairwater, there is always something to do, something to look forward to and someone looking out for you!