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American universities flock back to Taunton School

MORE than 45 of the world’s top educational institutions have showcased their offering at Taunton School.

They attended the school’s second American Universities Fair and more than 250 students from over 50 schools across the South West joined them.

A school spokesman said: “In the past few years, the credit crunch and demographic shifts have seen Britain slip down the global league table while the rest of the world surges ahead.

“In the world of universities, a similar tidal wave has hit – tuition fees and the abolition of number controls have had a seismic effect on the UK’s educational landscape.

“Taunton School proudly proclaims its international vision and brought some of the world’s finest universities to Taunton for the annual free fair.

“Over the past three years, Taunton students have gained offers to study at the world’s top universities – not just Oxford and Cambridge but also Harvard, Chicago, Utrecht and Hamburg.

“Last year’s leavers are studying across the world – Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia and America all play host to those who collected their results in summer 2012.”

At the fair, students could meet over 45 universities, covering not only the USA but also American-style colleges in Italy, the Netherlands, China and the UK.

The spokesman added: “This year’s Taunton School Upper Sixth hold offers from universities across the US – Boston, Iowa, Connecticut, New York and Virginia.

“Their friends are heading to study in the Alps in Switzerland, in the fashion centre of Milan or the technological hubs of Germany’s Ruhr Valley.

“Taunton School’s students realise that the world is much bigger than Somerset, bigger than the UK.”