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Posted: 22nd May 2016

FROM sunglasses to pens, cups to badges, there were plenty of freebies on offer at our North American University Fair. However, more importantly students from across our Taunton site and from the local area, were able to take up the opportunity to learn more about USA and Canadian university systems.

One size certainly does not fit all and although most of our students continue on to British universities the afternoon allowed clear comparisons to be made. With the threat of increasing UK fees and large numbers of graduates applying for the same jobs, studying overseas is one of a number of ways to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

The American Liberal Arts Programme allows students to study a broad range of subjects for two years before specialising. This allows you to try new subjects before selecting your specialism.

In Canada many CO-OP courses offer multiple paid work experience which are an integral part of a degree and are assessed. Employability is the latest buzz word in the world of recruitment and any degree course which equips you for the world of work is worth careful consideration.

A global education equips young adults to thrive as global citizens in a global economy. I would encourage all students to consider all options for their next step beyond Taunton School. Parents are always welcome at our careers events to learn about all the opportunities their sons and daughters have in the coming years.

Next term we will be hosting two events, the Student World UK Tour by a group of international universities and a Business, Law and Finance Careers Fair.

Richard Judd,
Head of Careers

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