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Taunton School philosophy students meet Buddhist monk

Posted: 16th October 2016

Taunton School pupils had the chance to meet a real Buddhist monk at their recent Philosophy Day.

The Year 9 students welcomed special guest speakers Nandiyo, a Buddhist Monk from Hartridge Monastery, near Honiton, alongside three philosophers, Steve Hoggins, Joseph Tyler and Charlotte Knowles, from the Philosophy Foundation in London.
The students took part in a range of workshops centred on fundamental matters, such as existence, reason, and mindfulness. They looked at understanding the complexity of moral reasoning, and were encouraged to think about their own personal identities and how to create a balance within their daily lives.

Calum Pinn, a Year 9 student, said: “Learning about Buddhism was the most interesting part of the day; it has made me more content with my life and more peaceful. I really enjoyed meditating.”

Lucy Regan, also a Year 9 student, said: “It was so relaxing and interesting to hear about the life of a Buddhist monk.”

Fiona Wreford, Acting Head of Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics, at Taunton School said: “Students got to see how critical and reflective thinking, as well as intelligent dialogue, are important tools for both academic progression, and for personal reflection.”

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