Year 5 Victorian Workshop

Posted: 4th November 2016

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be joined by a “Victorian” schoolmistress who treated the Year 5 pupils to a taste of what a typical day was like in 1897. It began with a hand inspection – which not everybody passed due to ink stains! We then continued on to writing on slates, learning tables, physical exercises and finally an introduction (only visually!) to the cane.

Later, the pupils were given the opportunity to do some sewing and to handle and identify real artifacts from Victorian Somerset. These included a milking stool, a Diamond Jubilee medal, a flat iron, and a pair of sheep shearing scissors. It was an excellent hands-on learning experience and it helped to bring the period alive for the pupils. They were able to hone their analytical and research skills and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Joanna Hall-Tomkin, Head of History

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