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Making a Splash

Posted: 15th November 2016

Children from Year 6 had a trip of a lifetime with “SPLASH!”; a musical comedy version of Noah’s Ark – told from the animals’ point of view. Preston Parrot (Will Hall) and his wife (Rosie Imm) were on a mission to save their animal friends from the greatest flood in history. When no one believes the news, Preston resorts to a little deception and arranges a luxury cruise on board “The Ark!”. Aboard, there was a crew of colourful comic characters, including seagulls, (Elle Marsden, Amelia Panayiotides, Joe Taylor and Zara Pittard), ballroom dancing giraffes (Trystan Davies and Olivia Pyke), a band of brutal pirate rats led by the King Rat (Fabian Flay) and a love-sick French cat (Ben Redrup).

The Year 6 pupils enjoyed every minute of their dancing, singing and acting and the audience was appreciative in their warm applause. A huge thank you to all the children who worked so hard to ensure that ‘Splash’ was a success and to Mrs Drew and Mrs Newman for their part in producing an excellent show. Thank you also to the staff who helped behind the scenes with make up, set design, props, sound and lighting. All greatly appreciated.

 Jayne Hornsby, Head of Music and Performing Arts

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