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Collaboration, Leadership, Reflection and Perseverance!

Posted: 18th November 2016

As I write, I’m on the train to London to get the latest updates for our impending educational quality and compliance inspection. We have no idea when this might be! I like inspections as they provide us with quality assurance and clear feedback on what we do well and where we can make improvements. I’m particularly excited this time round as the whole process has been linked to research on what skills your children will need for the future. The Educational quality inspection focuses on eighteen areas of academic outcome, creative curriculum and the personal development of your children and it is very skills led. If we understand the process, remain current and deliver inspiration in the classroom our outcomes and leadership will remain outstanding. No, pressure there then team!

For me though, the best part of the week are the learning walks I do, seeing the teaching and learning in the classrooms, having the children pop into my office with their work and presenting Celebration certificates on a Friday. It has been another exciting week of learning and the Year 2 children have been building their grand bridge designs, with their chosen materials. These bridges, with moving parts, rigid structures, flaps and hinges demonstrate the children’s ability to use their numeracy and scientific knowledge; demonstrates sustained, shared thinking, perseverance, connective learning as well as their understanding of design and technology and when looking at our PSB skills the core areas are very present.

Reflection and Perseverance!

Our designs are not always easy to implement and may need adapting!

This week I’ve also witnessed on the playground children using the mindfulness techniques and strategies taught by our visitor Louisa Mile. One little person was sitting on the friendship bench with his friend taking time out to do some breathing, to calm down. Independent choice and supporting each other with the technique… counting slowly the breaths for each other. Empowering stuff! I know the children and staff have really enjoyed these sessions. They have been sending kind thoughts and sharing feelings too. In a busy world it is important that we learn to manage our minds and take time to be peaceful, restful and reflective. I am hoping Louisa will be able to do a Mindfulness workshop next term for parents, so you too, can experience some of the techniques used.

Happy Friday to all in Nursery and Pre-Prep and see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday for another action packed week.

Kathy McLauchlan, Head of Nursery and Pre-Prep

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