TS Conservationists Tackle Nature

Posted: 29th November 2016

A large group of keen volunteers (Adam Pettitt, Briano Brachetti Peretti, Rhianna Beck, Hannah Ashby, Callum Hudson, Echo Duan, Kate Soldatenko, Katerin Sergeeva, Mostafa Torkashvand and Fernando Serrano Espinosa) spent the day at Stover Park on Sunday, doing conservation work to improve the land and ponds around the park.

The aim was to cut back the trees and to clear the ponds so that more light could reach the plants growing there. This would increase local biodiversity, as other related species follow. By removing the recently cut grass we would lower nutrient levels in the soil and encourage flowering plants to grow instead of fast growing grasses.

We burned the debris on an impressive bonfire, then made a well deserved trip to the ice cream van after tea and cake! This was a perfect end to an enjoyable and productive day out for all.

Hannah Ashby, Year 11


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