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Year 10 CCF Led to Victory

Posted: 9th December 2016

My section recently won the CCF Year 10 Drill Competition. For this competition it is safe to say that we were considered underdogs. To the extent that because our performance was so poor in the weeks leading up to the competition the CCF staff decided to move it to the next week (which I was pretty pleased about). However, we didn’t let that affect our spirit and drive to compete with the other 3 Sections. We worked hard that extra week and managed to get our drill to a respectable standard by the time it came to the week of the competition.

On the day of the competition we were shaky during practice before hand. Unfortunately all the work we had done in the previous week, my section had seemed to have forgotten. When it was our turn to march on to the parade ground I was not too hopeful about our chances. However, the infectious enthusiasm from some key individuals and various other cadets saw us through. That along with the extremely poor light conditions on the parade square (we were the last section on) made it virtually impossible to see the poor condition of some of the cadet’s boots, meaning we outstandingly only lost one point on kit inspection. All of this aside I am very proud to have been able to lead my section to such a brilliant victory and hope that the good work continues.

Charlie Bonner, Year 13 GD

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