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It's good to be back!

Posted: 13th January 2017


It has been a delight to welcome the children back to Thone. There has been a real buzz throughout the week, as stories of Christmas and tales from New Year celebrations are shared. Added to this, the House is delighted with slight changes that have been made to the daily routine. The alterations have bought the children added free time, the opportunity to further develop the skill of time management and independence. It has been wonderful to strike an improved balance for those involved and to hear of the positive comments the children have shared. Activities have not been compromised in any way and it is wonderful to see the children gain so much fun from the experiences they encounter. Last night, many or our boarders selected recipes they look forward to tasting over the forthcoming weeks, whilst last night a number of Thone House were climbing walls, literally, in the TS Sports Hall. Others preferred to keep their feet firmly on the ground and play badminton and time was also set aside to schedule our weekly commitments by completing valuable personnel schedules.

Having almost reached the end of the first week back, we are looking forward to the weekend and the chance to partake in the Thone in Theatre activity as well as the trip to Cribbs Causeway and Airhop.

Look out for the Thone House activities and events which will take place during the weeks ahead.

Michelle Coleman, Head of Thone House Prep Boarding


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