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Seven TPS pupils successfully audition for National Children's Choir of Great Britain

Posted: 30th January 2017

The Music Department at Taunton Preparatory School is absolutely delighted that seven pupils successfully auditioned for the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain.

The children underwent a gruelling process of singing in front of the Director of the Children’s Choir, Ms Lissa Gray, and each child was highly recommended to join the National Choir.

The talented seven, all from the Taunton area are: Esme Hallworth aged 12, Leonie Biney aged 12, Rowan Keyte aged 13, Daria Bogdanska – the youngest at aged 9, Matilda Clarke aged 13, Ailani Braine-Clarke aged 12 and Annabelle Mellenchip aged 12.

Matilda commented “This is my first time and I’m so excited to be chosen”. Rowan added that “It’s such a great experience to join the National Children’s Choir. I’ve been involved before and the singers there are astounding”. Leonie said “I’m really looking forward to seeing friends that I made last year” and Emse added “I loved the experience so much last time and can’t wait to go again.”

Their remarkable success does not end there – the Choir have also secured a place to perform at Disneyland Paris, as part of their Paris and Northern France tour next October. The talented choir adds this amazing and unique performance opportunity to previous experiences such as singing at St Peter’s at the Vatican in Rome, as well as St Mark’s in Venice.

Performances at the Disneyland Resort are not offered generously. The choir had to prove their standard and experience to pass a stringent set of criteria.

Jayne Hornsby, Head of Prep School Music said “We are incredibly proud of these children as they are conscientious, committed and dedicated pupils who fulfill the school’s motto: Carpe Diem – Seize the Day.”

Jayne Hornsby, Head of Music and Performing Arts TPS 

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