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TV Adventurer Simon Reeve visits Taunton School

Posted: 2nd February 2017

Taunton School was delighted to welcome adventurer, bestselling author and award winning TV presenter, Simon Reeve on Wednesday, 1st February for a Q&A session with students.

Titled ‘Simon Reeve’s exploits since 2013 – Questions and Answers’, Reeve used a format that was more like a chatty conversation, rather than giving a traditional talk or lecture. 150 guests attended and a student panel of lower sixth students grilled him with some tough questions.

On the panel were Geography students Alexander Griffiths, Charlie Stent, Armand Capart, Emily Cossins-Price, Katy Roberts and Mary Sloman.

Well-thought out questions ranged from the general (best places that Simon has visited, places he would not return to and advice to budding travellers) to the specific (effectiveness of the Australian immigration policy and the treatment of their aboriginal population).

Head of Geography, Adrian Roberts said “Simon always answered honestly and articulately and with passion and humour and plenty of anecdotes; his messages were clear ‘speak out and get out and be adventurous.’”

After the event, Reeve dined with the Geography department, the Headmaster and the student panel. He continued to impart knowledge and advice and he regaled them with interesting, engaging and humorous stories of his travel and life experiences.

Student panelist Mary Sloman commented that “Hearing his outlook on his travelling experiences has inspired me to have a new perspective and ‘open eyes’ when embarking on a new adventure. It was very interesting to hear about the issues that occurred during his travels and how they have shaped his outlook on life.”

Alexander Griffiths added: “Listening to a very different perspective on common geographical topics (such as the Great Barrier Reef) has definitely led to me having a new outlook on “a global society” and its impacts.”

And Katy Roberts said that “Hearing about his travels has inspired me to want to fully experience the culture and really look at a country when I next go travelling. He was deeply interesting and the passion he showed for his job and experiencing different cultures was inspiring.”

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