Taunton School Main Building at Dusk

Boarding is a 'picnic in the park'

Posted: 10th March 2017


The run into our Reading Weekend has certainly been fun and exciting for all involved. Our ‘Picnic in the Park’ was fantastic, with something for everyone. Football, slides, zip wire, swings, hamster wheel… the park had an array of activities for all to enjoy. It was great to be out in the fresh air, to have space and the time to ‘play’ without the desire to be occupied by an electronic device. This trend continued as Thone House pushed beyond their comfort zones at Clip ‘n’ Climb. The sense of triumph and pride having reached the top of the walls, having climbed the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or having jumped the ‘Leap of Faith’ created a wonderful buzz around the House on Sunday evening.

Throughout the week, the House have had great fun cooking a stir fry, learning card tricks, playing dominoes and creating domino runs. Time has also been spent playing rackets, tennis, completing preps and continuing with arts and crafts projects.

Michelle Coleman, Head of Boarding

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