Students jump for joy

Posted: 10th March 2017

On Sunday, students from Taunton School International and Taunton School went to the world’s largest trampoline park, AirHop Bristol. The students had a thoroughly enjoyable time performing front flips, back flips and various twisting manoeuvres. Some students were showing off some impressive basketball skills, performing somersaults before dunking the ball into the hoop. Staff also got involved and were eager (if not ‘too eager’) to battle against students on the gladiator battle-beams, a test of strength, power and will.

Needless to say, the staff did not hold back when it came to knocking the students into a foam pit. The wipe out zone was a particular highlight for all which involved jumping and ducking underneath two spinning padded beams. After brushing off their battle wounds, students then spent the afternoon at Cribbs Causeway for some retail therapy before heading back to school. A fantastic day out for all involved.

Mr Rowtcliff

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