Over 150 children, an hour’s glorious entertainment, with 13 different musical ensembles – it can only mean one thing: the TPS Summer concert in the chapel, this year embodying the theme “Vintage Vibes of the 60’s and 70’s”. Sure enough, the audience were transported and suitably moved by an evening’s fabulous musical entertainment whereby our thriving music department was proudly represented.

For the Year 8s involved in the concert, this event was their “swan song” before they leave for pastures new. For the Year 3s, this represented the culmination of a year-long musical adventure whereby they have acclimatised to the busy routine of music making at TPS. We keep our children so busy with such great opportunities to make music, working and playing collaboratively. The success of this concert puts the hard work into perspective for all our talented musicians, young and old.

It is with heartfelt joy and pride that we honour our hardworking team of visiting music teachers who trained our young stars towards the success of the concert.

The children did themselves so proud and we congratulate them on their efforts and thank the parents for their support.