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Boarders' trip to the coast

Posted: 18th May 2017


Despite seeing some rain this week, spirits have not been dampened in Thone. The trip to Exmouth on Sunday certainly made for a fitting end to the weekend, as the children had a wonderful time crab hunting, paddling in the rocks, building sandcastles and the inevitable devouring of ice-cream. As the week has passed, there has been lots of revision with exams just ahead, but this has been balanced with dog walks, cookery, swimming and football.

As we move swiftly from one week to the next, it is incredible to think the final weekend before half term is upon us. In addition to fixtures, Thone are looking forward to the ‘Little and Large’ activity on Saturday and a trip to Greenbanks Outdoor Heated swimming Pool on Sunday.

Michelle Coleman
Head of Boarding

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