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Happy World Environment Day!

Posted: 4th June 2017

Happy World Environment Day! Today we are celebrating our wonderful conservation volunteers, who continue to work hard maintaining the health of the natural world. 

Our work takes place primarily at Stover Country Park in Devon, where our TS conservationists work alongside park rangers and local volunteers to protect and maintain the park and its surrounding woodland. Over the past year our volunteers have completed a range of tasks, including improving the overall look of the park and protecting the land through the construction of fences and barriers. 

Other work has also included clearing and deepening a tributary to the main lake, restoring its water flow to create a more attractive channel and potential habitat for dragonflies, as well as cutting back rhododendron to allow better access to the park. 

The TS team work extremely hard to complete the annual cycle of conservation work, and it is not only the physical work that reaps the rewards. New skills are most certainly learnt over the course of the projects and teamwork and fun ensue. For the students, the opportunity to work alongside park rangers is an enlightening one. Our pupils have found it particularly interesting to learn of the challenges facing the park, which currently lies in the midst of an area of rapid local development. 

For more information on how to get involved, contact Alistair Hallows at alistair.hallows@tauntonschool.co.uk.

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