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Supporting the Foundation

Posted: 11th June 2017

We are hugely grateful to all our donors who continue to give back to Taunton School. Since September 2016, we have raised nearly £300,000.

This vital support means that accessing an outstanding education can become a reality for more children of all ages and from financially restricted backgrounds. We also engage those who can offer 100% fee assistance for bright and able students at Sixth Form level.

It is a misconception that only the very wealthy donate to the foundation. It is through collective giving that we see a real difference being made. In an initiative created over a year ago, we invited all OTs and parents to give just £10 a month for 10 months. A £100 donation buys a plaque which will be displayed forever on our school walls. This has proved particularly popular with leavers – hence “THE LEAVERS’ WALL”. Over £10,000 has been raised so far.

We simply cannot thrive without philanthropic support. Giving is part of our heritage, it’s our culture and it needs to grow. Thank you again to all those who have donated in the past. 

Nadine Latte
Alumni and Foundation Director 

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