Thone House have had such a fun time this week. Not only have we been able to partake in our usual evening activities, but we have had the added pleasure of being a part of, and supporting the Year 8 production of ‘Worlds Apart’.

The production followed a fantastic weekend which was spent at the TSIMS Garden Party and the River Dart Country Park. The wonderful weather and wacky water play activities brought many smiles, laughter and fun for all involved.
As we look ahead to this weekend and the week which follows, Thone House are excited about ‘Thone in Bloom’ and a trip to Taunton for some retail therapy. Added to this, we are also looking forward to welcoming a number of new and familiar faces into Thone as part of the BSA National Boarding Week Campaign.

Monday is already looking busy with many of our Year 7’s signed up for the ‘Bake Off Night’. Should you be interested in the ‘Happy to Hike and Hot Chocolate’ evening, due to take place on Thursday 22nd June, please contact me on or call 07719734748. Thank you.

Michelle Coleman
Head of Boarding