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The end of another great year

Posted: 6th July 2017

I must admit I was a bit awestruck today after becoming a bit of a women’s hockey fan these past few years. It was a real privilege to have Kate Richardson-Walsh as our guest speaker, who was hugely inspirational.

There have been many highlights of this year, too many to mention them all here but I will touch on a few.

The titles of some of the extended essays and extended project qualifications this year have been mind blowing. I particularly enjoyed reading “Analysing the tetration of the natural logarithmic function illustrated as nln (X)” by Alessandro Rossi Polvara and also “Modelling the length of Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit” by David Blrtsyan, both very advanced.

We were privileged to listen to Professor Robert Winston in the Spring term who is one of the greatest thinkers of his era.

Evita was fabulous. The performances of the cast took us through every emotion and really showed off the students‘ talents. This was followed by a wonderful performance of Much Ado About Nothing last week.

Our debating has been fun and passionate, particularly in the run up to the American election.

A big highlight of the year was the Channel Swim in September. They raised a huge sum of money for The Royal Marines Charity and I’m sure they learnt a lot about themselves in the process.

We had a visit from the Good School’s Guide this year. My favourite quote from the report was regarding pastoral care; “Of all the school’s greatest hits, pastoral care stands out at number one. However hard we tried (and we did, we did) we could lure no one into uttering a bad word”.

Our theory is not complicated; Happy students learn better. We are committed to ensuring that our community feels safe, looked after, comfortable and able to make mistakes!

Finally to our Upper Sixth, quite frankly, you are a wonderful group of people. Talented, knowledgeable, fun, mischievous, energetic, driven, principled and hard working. My advice is always think big. Get out of your comfort zones and have a go at something that seems beyond you. If you fail – so what? You are young, clever and talented.

Lee Glaser, Headmaster

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