Taunton School at Dusk

Getting to know the community

Posted: 11th October 2017

Students from The Grange seized the opportunity to get to know the locals of Kingston St Mary and take part in their Youth Club. They thoroughly enjoyed the activities on offer (including flag making, table tennis, box fort construction, badminton and table tennis) and making new friends in the village. There was a sense of community and enjoyment which filled Kingston St Mary’s village hall.

The weather was kind to the two groups of Paintsplatters who found themselves running around the woods in Crowcombe Heathfield the following day. The campfire was the focus of their down time, with hot chocolate and squirty cream, roasted marshmallows and the exchange of stories from around the globe. The appearance later in the day of a rather tame squirrel added a surreal twist to proceedings.

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