I’ve been boarding for less than two months. If you’d asked me how I’d imagine life would be as a boarder on my first day, I’d answer “I’m nervous, scared that I wont fit in and end up having no friends”. Fortunately it has been the absolute opposite.

Ever since my first day as a new boarder, day by day I’ve been getting closer and closer to the school and the people in it. I think the most important thing for boarding students is for them to feel comfortable and at home.

Wills East mostly feels like a home for me because of my friends. It’s only been a short time but I can imagine how much closer we’ll get. It’s also huge thanks to the house staff, even though it’s a job they’re doing, they’re not just doing this because it’s their job but because they truly care about us and you can clearly see it as they keep giving us care and support. When all these people are gathered together, you’ll start realising that it’s one big family. I’m very much thankful for that, as I’ve travelled a long distance away from my home, I’ve created a family here who make me feel at home.

Gabriel, Year 12
Joined the Senior School in Sept 2017