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BTEC – is it the right option for you?

Posted: 13th November 2017

TS is next year launching the Business Extended National Diploma. Building on the success of the Sports and Exercise Science BTEC we aim to give a further option for students in one of the most popular Sixth Form departments.
We already offer A Level Business, A-level Economics and IB Economics, so why are we adding a further qualification choice? The following reasons;

1) More in-depth Business study. The BTEC Diploma is the equivalent of 2 A Levels and the Extended Diploma the equivalent of 3. Allowing us to study more areas, in more depth, than the current A Level.

2) The BTEC learning experience is different than A Level and IB.
Hands-on experience of tackling real-world scenarios
Industry-related insight and knowledge
Confidence in applying your knowledge
Transferable employability and life skills

3) The BTEC assessment style is different. Instead of a final exam you have
Written Tests
Which are spaced throughout the 2 year course.

4) BTEC is valued and desired by universities and employees.
28% of University applicants had a BTEC in 2017
62% of large employees have recruited BTEC graduates (2011)
4 out of 5 BTEC students now in employment consider their BTEC and important stage on the pathway to their desired career.

The BTEC qualification will get you where you want to go whether that is University or on to a career.
We, in the Business and Economics department, are excited to be offering this opportunity to TS students. We are looking forward to seeing them flourish in this more practical environment. We are particularly excited about teaching new modules such as “Managing an Event”, “Digital Marketing” or “Employment Law”.

So if you like what you have read and think that the above points match you better as a learner, and if you are in Year 11 about to take your GCSEs, then make sure you register your interest in BTEC Business on your choices form.

Tom Brodie
Head of Business Studies and Economics

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