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Inspirational Speakers

Posted: 24th November 2017

On Wednesday the Nursery Manager Karen McGough, myself and Nursery 3/4 team leaders Sarah and Laura attended a fantastic Early Years teaching conference.

We heard inspirational speakers and participated in workshops. Themes included Growing Brains, Neuro Science and Learning, Creating Environments that Inspire Learning and Nurturing Creative and Critical Thinking.

Neil Griffiths was the keynote speaker and inspired us all about how to lead with a smile and have the courage to tackle those difficult conversations!

Usually we deliver at the conference as experts in Early Years but this year we were able to relax and enjoy a day of networking and professional development. Crucial to enable outstanding delivery in our rooms and classes. Crucial to nourish and re-energise philosophy.

As parents, practitioners and teachers we have a powerful presence and role and we must not underestimate the powerful influence we have over young children’s minds!

A miserable face, a moody misdemeanour, being grumpy, rolling your eyes, tutting and not really listening to children can have a very negative impact and can squash their enthusiasm, sparkle and loveliness.
As our lives are filled with busyness it is sometimes useful to step back, reflect and remind ourselves that everything we do as adults is role modelled by our children.

This is a busy and fabulous time of year; each season brings its own delights. We have all loved the rushing wind this week and cosiness of the bright classrooms! Again the displays and rooms look so Inspiring and welcoming. Do pop in and look at the work on display.

Kathy McLauchlan
Head of Nursery and Pre-Prep  

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