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What does it mean to participate in the Cantabile Choir?

Posted: 15th December 2017

Cantabile Choir have enjoyed a very busy schedule of rehearsing and performing over the course of this term, especially in the last two weeks. What does it mean to participate in the Cantabile Choir – the top choir of TPS? Our school flagship choir trains gifted, talented, and committed singers working them hard, but we do have a lot of fun too.

Following on from the success of our stunning performance at Dunster Castle last fortnight, on Wednesday and Thursday we entertained two large Christmas lunch parties at the Racecourse and the County Cricket Ground. We wowed and dazzled our appreciative audiences with a selection of popular and stylish Christmas carols and choral masterpieces. We also performed at the Hankridge branch of Costa Coffee, where we enjoyed a well-earned treat after our carol singing. We are so proud of our many boys and girls who have embodied the school moto of seizing the day (“Carpe Diem”) by singing for our many choirs and music ensembles. We congratulate the Cantabile Choir in particular for their many hours of extra training and rehearsals to produce so many polished performances both within our school routine and also in the wider community.

PUPIL COMMENTS: What is so special about being in the top choir of the school?

“You get to sing with friends and have fun in awesome places.” Joe Taylor

“The whole Dunster Castle experience and free hot chocolate at various performing venues is a huge plus!” Kate Blackmore-Greasley

“Singing in cool venues and going on fun trips”. Charlie Caruthers

Jayne Hornsby, Head of TPS Music and Performing Arts

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