What a fantastic week we have had, made even better by being able to share our experiences with a number of our friends. Indeed, the number of children who have come to stay for a night or two during the course of the week and staying for our weekend activities is easily into double figures.

Starting with our weekend with a surprise and debut visit to McDonalds for a McFlurry treat on Friday evening, Thone then had a wonderful time participating in the Pebble ‘n’ Paint activity led by Mrs Burton and Mrs Mclaughlan. Taking themselves into the art room and enjoying the opportunity to be calm and creative, there were some beautiful drawings and wonderful gifts for parents, friends or indeed for themselves.

Not ones to keep their feet firmly on the ground for too long, Thone were excited to be travelling to ‘Clip ‘n’ Climb on Sunday. Mr Raven, Mrs Foad and Miss Barzotelli kindly took the House to Exeter for the much sought after trip and popular experience. The House had a wonderful time, together with TSIMS, inspiring and encouraging one another.
Throughout the week our usual evening programme of activities has also continued and we have enjoyed the opportunity to bake cookies, to decorate and nurture our own plants and plant pots, to have a fun swim, to enjoy various ball games in the sports hall, to practise our instruments and of course, ensure our prep is up to date.

Added to this our Year 8 boarders were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Tarr, TS Head of Boarding. This will be the first of a number of opportunities our Year 8s will have to meet with Mr Tarr, as part of the transfer process into Taunton School.

Exeat this weekend, means that we have the opportunity to catch up with ourselves and our families, in preparation for the run into half term.

Michelle Coleman, Head of Prep Boarding