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EDF rockets Year 9s into STEM

Posted: 29th January 2018

Year 9 pupils recently took part in an exciting Energy, Science and Technology challenge, when representatives from the new EDF Energy Hinkley Point C visited to run STEM activities.

Students were encouraged to think about the problems that engineers face with transporting delicate objects. They were then tasked with making an aerodynamic egg transporting vehicle that would travel the furthest distance without damaging the egg. They had to consider factors such as materials, resistance, gravity, flight, style and trajectory. A pressure pump was then used to rocket their vehicle across the room, with varying levels of success.

After her first try at projecting her vehicle, Kesia Cunningham a Year 9 pupil said: “Our rocket hasn’t flown too well so we are busy making adjustments! It’s been a really fun way to spend the day.”

Simon Kettle, HPC “STEM WORKS” coordinator commented on the enthusiasm of the pupils: “Given all the pupils were asked to make egg transporting vehicles, I’m very impressed with how creative the outcomes are. They have demonstrated really well the skills you’d need as an engineer.”

Year 9 pupil Jacob Salvador said: “It’s made me think about what I might do in the future.”

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