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A unique developmental journey

Posted: 2nd February 2018

This week I have been really impressed with Year 2 behaviour and manners, their kindness and thoughtfulness all have been exemplary (most of the time!) and they are thriving and flourishing! They all have a real passion and sparkle for learning. They all love a challenge and much resilience and perseverance is being shown as new concepts are introduced, connected and transferred into creative writing using sparkly adjectives and power words. Their writing is progressing both in content and style and their joined writing is beautiful.

It is not always easy to let your ideas and thoughts flow and keep beautiful writing! We value the content first and foremost and although we want it all to look presentable it is the content that shows us thinking, ideas and conceptual understanding. However, if handwriting and grammar rules are also presented too that is fantastic. All children are on a unique developmental journey and it is the partnership with yourselves that reinforces the learning we do at school. Thank you.

Our Think Write joined handwriting programme has certainly made a difference and I have seen some amazing handwriting practice this week in all classes, but noticeable development in Reception. Many notes and lists are being made in the spaceship and young children love a new notebook! Lots of Smiggles! Keep up the good work everyone!

I have also been impressed with the Year 2 composition paintings based on the style of Tilly Willis, a local Somerset artist. I was also in admiration with their work on micro habitats and they made these habitats at Forest School on Uppers one rainy morning this week. If you ask the children it was the hot chocolate that helped them! Gifty from Ghana, an African princess, has provided an insight into the riches of a royal life in Ghana and provided map work opportunity. Geography has also been focusing on the grasslands and animals that live there, enabling comparisons of habitats.

All in all, another busy week highlighted by hearing the joyful singing and music making across the playground as well as hearing shrieks of delight and joyful playfulness coming from the woods and playground.

Reminder – it is the Reception 2018 Welcome and Information Evening on Thursday, 8th February at 7pm in the Pre-Prep hall and classrooms. Thank you for your responses. If you intend to come and have not responded please email sarah.launchbury@tauntonschool.co.uk

Kathy McLauchlan

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