My Life at Taunton School International by Victor

My adventure at TSI started in the Summer School in August. It was a superb experience because even if we had some lessons, we went on a lot of trips and played a lot of sports like football or basketball and we also discovered new traditional English sports like cricket. The good thing about going to the Summer School is that I made a lot of friends that is still in TSI now.

In September, I started to study in TSI so it’s been now 4 months and I am a part of the Foxcombe family. During those 4 months, I learned a lot, not just academically but also socially. I met a lot of new people from all over the world and I learn from them, about their culture, their way of living and even their language.

I also took part in the sport life in Taunton School because I joined the Football Second Team and I am also on the tennis team for the summer matches. What is good in Taunton School is that sports is taken very seriously and teachers are always encouraging you to do your best by pushing you to your limits.

The academic life in TSI is very unique because it is an intensive one year programme so that means that you have to work hard to follow the rhythm imposed by the teachers. They always encourage you to do more and in sports they push you to your limits, you will never be sleeping or not doing anything in a TSI classroom because there is always something to do. On the top of this, the classroom sizes are small and with not many people so you are face to face with the teacher and this is a good thing because you will have less distractions and learn more.

In the house, the atmosphere is nice because the GRAs and the House Master are doing a great job and the main reason for this is they know when they have to be serious and when they have to be a bit more relaxed so you can always go and have a funny chat with them or ask them for help with your work.