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Pupils swim 156 miles for charity

Posted: 21st May 2018

Pupils at Taunton School have been splashing for cash with two charity events in the school swimming pool.

On Tuesday 15th May the Preparatory School pupils were challenged to swim lengths of the school pool helping to raise money for Holiday for Heroes (Jersey) charity. All swam as many lengths as they could in 30 minute sessions to attempt to match the number of miles – 41 – that the long distance swimmers are going to swim around the island of Jersey this summer. In total, the children actually swam 156 miles, which would go around Jersey 3.8 times!

Teacher and Head of the Taunton School Long Distance Swim Club Hamish McCarthy said: “I am so proud of the boys and girls, the youngsters especially, as all fully embraced the challenge. Few stopped, none wavered and all gave a superb effort. It is clearly evident that swimming, both in the open water and pool, continues to be a significant strength of Taunton Preparatory School.” The swimmers will be taking on the Jersey circumnavigation for Holidays for Heroes (Jersey) at the end of August.

Meanwhile, the younger pupils in the Pre-Preparatory School spent a day splashing about in the pool to raise money for the Jemima Layzell Trust. Over £350 was raised during the “Splash for Cash” activity for the charity which supports research into brain injuries and promotes organ donation. Jemima Layzell was a former Taunton School pupil who died in 2012 at just 13 years old from a brain aneurysm. She helped eight different people through organ donation – the highest number on record.

Donations for the Holiday for Heroes (Jersey) appeal can be made here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tauntonschooljerseychallenge

For more information and to donate to the Jemima Layzell Trust visit: https://www.jemimalayzell.com/

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