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Eco-leaders Battery Recycling Campaign Success

Posted: 30th July 2018


(Winners of the Taunton Prep School Battery competition L-R: Evie Linden, Phoebe Billings, Chloe Mills-Bown and Kian Roberts)

Children at Taunton Preparatory School have been doing their bit for the environment by collecting thousands of used batteries.

As part of the National Schools Partnership battery competition, children from the school were tasked with bringing in as many used batteries as they could. There were prizes for those who managed to collect the most. An incredible 2219 batteries were gathered measuring at 110 metres when stacked end-to-end – taller than Big Ben!

The battery campaign is all part of the bigger picture at Taunton School, which is leading the way with its commitment to the environment. The school recently took steps to eliminate all waste from the School going to landfill. Headmaster Lee Glaser says “Being a responsible and caring member of our wider community is a key element of our school values. We educate children to embrace a global outlook, and doing our bit to safeguard the planet for their future is something we take seriously.”

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