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Taunton School International students achieve top GCSE results

Posted: 23rd August 2018

Taunton School International are delighted to announce another very successful year of results from their one-year GCSE students, with many achieving A* grades (the highest grade possible). It is an incredible achievement for all the students to do so well in such a short space of time and in a second language.  

  • TSI students pass rate is 82% more than 15% higher than the national average pass rate in England of 66% (A* – C or 9 – 4).
  • This is a remarkable achievement when you consider that most of our students are studying in a second language and that they are completing their GCSEs in half the time of domestic students.
  • TSI A*/A (9 – 7) pass rate is 36%, again, more than 15% higher than the national average in England of 20%.
  • 100% pass rate in more than 10 subjects: Biology, German, Geography, Japanese, Latin, Combined Science, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese.
  • Pass rates above 85% in Physics, Maths, French, Economics and Chemistry.
  • Top five students were as follows:
  • Shaine Bao (China): 5A*, 1A, 2B
  • Lina Volchok (Belarusia): 5A*, 1B, 2C        
  • Jasper Meyer (Germany): 5A*, 1B, 1C
  • Yosuke Seguela-Tanaka (France/Japan): 4A*, 2A, 1B
  • Ilya Fedotov (Russia): 4A*, 1A, 1B, 1C

Adrian Hallworth, Principal of Taunton School International, said: “I am very pleased with the results this year, particularly considering the many changes that the Government has brought in.  A good number of our students sat the recently revamped GCSEs, with grades from 9 -1 instead of A* to G. These new GCSEs have had even more content added and so it is credit to the students to have achieved so well in such a short space of time.

The vast majority of our students achieved six or more GCSE passes, with a significant proportion attaining seven and others being successful in a remarkable eight subjects in just one year of study.  It is sometimes hard to appreciate how hard these students have to work to achieve such outstanding results. They are supported by a wonderful team of professionals, both in and out of the classroom, who create a fantastic ethos and atmosphere. Our students are nurtured, challenged and inspired to maximise their potential and to achieve the GCSE results we see today.

I congratulate every one of our students and wish them the very best of luck as they continue their onward journey into Sixth Form. They have all developed a significant number of academic skills which will undoubtedly stand them in good stead for their onward journeys and I very much look forward to hearing of their numerous successes in years to come.”

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