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Athletic Development

Posted: 27th September 2018

“I am going to start off by telling a story of three stonecutters.
A traveller comes across three stonecutters and asks them what they are doing. The first cutter describes how tough his job is and that he is unhappy. The second cutter replies that he is working to earn a living to provide for his family and he is relatively happy. The third stonecutter, with a sparkle in his eye, tells the man: “Can you not see? I am building a cathedral.”
So, now you are probably all wondering what on earth this has got to do with athletic development. I like the idea that I myself am building “cathedrals”, though my “cathedrals” are students and my building is through the Performance Programme. As they are youth athletes however, I will never see the finished product but I strive to think I am a part of building something much greater.
As described in my assembly at the start of this term, my objective is to build young robust athletes. Both male and female students participate in multiple sports across the year, therefore the goal is to develop their athletic capabilities so they can transfer across all sports and not specialise in one area. Within my multifaceted approach, a primary area of importance is movement fundamentals. Learning to move correctly can enhance your performance and allow you to progress at a quicker rate. Let’s face it, you can’t build a house without the foundations.
Finally, I would like you all to challenge yourselves, be a purple cow and stand out from the crowd. Do something different or test your limits. Please come along as the Performance Programme is for all; each student has individual ability so stick with the process. After all, just like your academic work you don’t see results without hard work and dedication.”

Tim Thompson
Head of Strength and Conditioning

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