Taunton School Main Building at Dusk

Thone Enjoy Some Downtime

Posted: 16th November 2018

It truly is hard to believe how fast the last week has gone. Half-term seems a distant memory and Thone are well and truly gearing up for the Christmas festivities. We may even have watched our first Christmas film of the year! The weekend saw us avoiding the ‘wet and wild’ weather with a puppet making activity, alongside a walk to town, a trip to AJ’z Activity Centre and some ever important down time.

We marked the eleventh hour on Armistice Day in the traditional fashion and enjoyed some reflective time together. Quiet moments in Thone can be few and far between so it was lovely to see the children adopt such a mature and considerate approach to this important event. Disappointed not to be able to enjoy the annual firework extravaganza, a few extra treats made their way into the house this week and the children were delighted to welcome a few new faces too. Ever keen to share the ‘Thone experience’ the children thoroughly enjoy greeting new friends and showing them just how much fun and action packed boarding life can be. You really do need to see it to believe it.

Katherine Wells
Head of Boarding

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