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Festive Fun

Posted: 7th December 2018

As we get ever nearer to Christmas, it has been lovely to see decorations and pockets of festive fun popping up all over the School. Even the Headmaster’s House has joined in with its covering of dangling lights!

The boxes in the TPS Office which contain the presents for the Sparkle Appeal are full to overflowing and it is good for us all to be thinking of others at this time of year. These gifts will end up in the hands of children who would not otherwise have had much of a Christmas and very well done to all who have helped to fill the boxes.

In assembly last Monday, the pupils of 7M performed with distinction on stage, conveying an important message about the conservation of habitats and wildlife. As our pupils move up through the school, it is lovely to see them continuing to grow in confidence as they make the most of the opportunities which they are given to act on stage.

On Tuesday, it was a great pleasure to see our pupils in the Dance Café. It was extremely impressive to see the concentration, precision and hard work which goes into each performance, and the dancers excelled across the whole range of styles including ballet, tap, character, contemporary and jazz. Most importantly of all, it is fabulous to see the pupils enjoying their dance so much and being so well taught by their teachers. Many congratulations to all of the performers for a terrific show!

The pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 were enthralled yesterday as they formed a large part of the audience for the matinee performance of Les Misérables. I hope that some of you have had the opportunity to see it for yourselves this week. It was a very special moment when Wills Leach, a TPS pupil playing the part of Gavroche, took his bow at the end and received the biggest cheer!

Today is another exciting day with the Christmas Fair and the Choir’s visit to Dunster Castle, whilst next week promises to be a great finish to what has been an excellent autumn term.

Mr Andrew Edwards
Headmaster TPS

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