Taunton School Main Building at Dusk

Focus on Nursery

Posted: 1st February 2019

At the end of this rather chilly week, the children in the Pre-Prep enjoyed some fantastic collaborative ice play, what fun in the playground!

I write this week’s contribution to the Courier, with a Nursery focus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Nursery staff for all that they do to look after and educate the children here, with so much care. Particularly at this time of year, when there are so many children feeling a little under the weather.

I would also like to thank Hannah Cornish and Kate Lake, in Nursery three, for all that they have done to implement some wonderful new ideas to the role play area and the outdoor construction area.

Saffron and the Nursery one team, have also planned and created a lovely black and white geometric wall, for our youngest babies to focus their attention and levels of concentration.

With Nursery 4, lead by the dedicated Laura Clear, continue to make good use of all the school facilities and grounds in their very busy schedule.

Finally, today the playground is full of snow and lots of happy children playing. Special thanks to my staff who have made it to school this morning.

Enjoy your weekend.

Louise Leah

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