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Taunton School wins Environmental award

Posted: 3rd June 2019


Taunton School has been recognised for its environmental achievement with a Green Award in the Independent Schools of the Year Awards.

The Green Award for Environmental Achievement recognises the innovative ways in which the school is striving to reduce its carbon footprint, whilst demonstrating a positive student experience. It was awarded following on from the success of ‘Zero to Landfill’ campaign, where all waste produce by the school is recycled – the first school in Somerset to do this.

Taunton School have gone a step further and have now introduced a revolutionary environmentally-friendly cleaning product, supplied by Purozo – a company run by a former student. The non-chemical product turns normal tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitiser, killing up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria. The system has been installed around the school, and is now in use as part of the cleaning regime across the campus, including boarding houses, classrooms and communal areas. This system is currently used by the likes of industry giants such as Disney, Heathrow, Wembley and Google.

The technology allows the oxygen in ordinary tap water to be safely and temporarily converted into a powerful cleaner. Incredibly, the product safely converts back to ordinary tap water after approximately six days. It is very safe and effective with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue. Something which is of paramount importance at a school.

Alex Speak, Sales and Marketing Director at Purozo commented: “As a former pupil of the school, I am very proud to work with Taunton School to help them reduce their carbon footprint. To win this award is an amazing accomplishment and well deserved after all your efforts to become a greener, more environmentally friendly school.”

This is part of the bigger environmental commitment being made throughout the school. Food and hot drinks are sold in compostable packaging in the school shop and water is sold in recyclable aluminium cans.

The Prep School has an active ‘Eco Club’ and students have carried out projects such as planting an orchard, harvesting apples to sell as juice, and building and maintaining beehives. Their campaign slogan “Be part of the Solution, not the Pollution” has been rolled out across the school on posters and screens in a bid to encourage the school community to get involved.

Headmaster Lee Glaser says “Being a responsible and caring member of our wider community is a key element of our school values. We educate children to embrace a global outlook, and doing our bit to safeguard the planet for their future is something we take seriously. Converting to this new chemical free cleaning system fits well with the school mantra to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and builds on our ongoing green initiatives. The Eco Club do a fantastic job and I am extremely impressed with their commitment to the environment.”

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