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Thank You To All Our Veterans

Posted: 6th June 2019


In the week that we commemorate three quarters of a century after the beginning of the
D-Day operation, we notice the absence of our beloved Mr Booth, playing so beautifully for us in our weekly Chapel services. Mr Booth is the only surviving member of COPP’s top secret 200 –
strong Commando Unit and he spent five days in the run up to D-day couped up in a midget
submarine with four other men. At dawn as the invasion began on the British Gold beach, Jim clambered on to the submarine casing, after she surfaced and shone a beacon to show the treacherous rocky shoreline, to the approaching craft. Mr Booth was awarded the Croix de Guerre French Military medal for his bravery after WWII. We are so excited that Mr Booth has been able to join the other 300 veterans who remember their actions all those years ago. In fact, we were again lucky enough to hear about Mr Booth’s actions in our Chapel service before half term, some of which was
shown on Wednesday night’s 10 o’clock news. 

An enormous thank you to Mr Booth and all our Veterans, from all of us at TPPS.

Enjoy your weekend.

Louise Leah

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