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The Unsung Heroes

Posted: 27th June 2019


The following is an extract from the Headmaster’s speech given at Commemoration, the Schools’ end of year celebration. 

Today is the day to make it clear that I am proud of every single one of you. No matter what your strengths are, your weaknesses, the mistakes you have made, the moments you voted for the wrong debating team. I don’t just mean the A teamers, the leads in Les Misérables, the World Championship debaters, the prefects. I mean every single one of you. The best thing about Les Misérables was that 57 people auditioned and 57 were on stage.

Most pride is reserved for those of you who don’t find things easy. Sometimes it’s tough to face seven lessons in a day but not win a prize, give your all on extracurricular activities but not get in the team, keep on top of your prep but not get the top marks, be supportive when you are struggling but not have it returned. You are the ones I am most proud of the unsung heroes who work hard every day but are not in the spotlight. You have qualities that are in demand. Resilience, determination and the ability to keep going without the constant need for recognition. I heard a talk last week in which the speaker quoted Churchill. When we are faced with a challenge we have a choice. He was right. We can grumble and be negative, we can have a go and crave recognition or we can just front up and get on with it. You are the ones who make me most proud.

For our leavers: thank you for all you have done for the school. Face up to those challenges. Don’t hide from them and do all you can to make the world a better place. We will miss you but it is time for you to move on and make your way in the world. Keep in touch and we will always be here for you.

Lee Glaser


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