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Foxcombe trip to Blackrock

Posted: 14th September 2019

On the 14th September Foxcombe House went on a trip to Blackrock, a specialist outdoor activities centre, offering team building days in Somerset. There was a variety of activities set up for the day, including archery, high ropes, low ropes, mountain boarding and other team challenges.


The activities allowed the students to interact, work as a team and develop group awareness whilst learning about each other’s thoughts and skills, and of course having fun! The high rope course was particularly demanding, requiring the students to work closely together and support each other – it was wonderful to see confidence and enthusiasm grow as they progressed through the course. Everyone got involved, tried new things and stepped out of their comfort zones.


Once the activities were complete the students returned to school with lots of chatter about the day’s achievements. However it didn’t take long for them to be tucked up in bed fast asleep from all the excitement of the trip!

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