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Balloon debate at The Grange

Posted: 18th October 2019

On Friday 18th October, students at the Grange campus hosted their first Balloon Debate. This involved a member of each tutor group, a member from the academic staff team and a member from the graduate resident assistant team all picking a character out of the hat. These included a doctor, a dentist, a gardener, a football player, a homeless person, a teacher and a firefighter.


They all had to convince the audience why they should be allowed to stay in the hot air balloon and not be thrown out! The students and staff made some compelling cases, unfortunately the professional football player was the first to be voted out of the balloon, with a quick succession of others voted off after him! However, the dentist, played by Jaime one of our students, made the most convincing case and was the last character standing in the hot air balloon.


It was a great event that had all the audience smiling and very much enjoying the event.

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