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RAF Flying Experience

Posted: 16th December 2019

On Friday 29th November Mrs Wreford took 6 air cadets to St Athan in Wales.

It was an early start, we left school at around 6:10 am all feeling very tired. It was a 2 hour bus ride and we all mostly slept. When we arrived at St Athan we all went to drop off our bags and have a safety demo. We were shown how to put on a life jacket and a parachute, how to get into the aircraft and what would happen if it crashed. This part scared me. The first cadet then went for a flight. We had to wear a boiler suit, another jacket, a life jacket and a parachute along with a big helmet with headphones, a microphone and eye mask. We were not allowed to show any skin and we could not hear anything unless spoken into the microphone. One by one we were brought to the aircraft. We were next to Cardiff airport and we were reminded about the safety precautions whilst we were next to the runway.

We then took off, the weather was clear and I could see for miles as we flew right out over the sea.. I was then put in control and my co-pilot, Andy, showed me what would happen if I used the controller too hard causing the plane to be hard to control.

We saw a Virgin plane before doing a loop the loop and came back to the airport and landed safely. I would like to thank Mrs Wreford for driving us there and Mr Wood for organising it. I would also like to thank the St Athans base in Wales for accommodating us and the two pilots for taking us in the air for the day.

What an amazing experience!

Phoebe Billings


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