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Challenging traditions

Posted: 24th January 2020

“But we’ve always done it like this…..”, a phrase that fills me with dread, is heard less frequently these days but if we don’t challenge the “things we have always done” then we make no progress. With reference to George Bernard Shaw we must be unreasonable, and challenge traditions, if we are to make progress.

In my early days as Headmaster I found myself challenging a number of assumptions and making changes where necessary. I continue to reflect on commitments within the school day and ask if they are still relevant or could we do them differently? School assembly for example. I attended school assemblies many years ago, my parents did and our students continue to do so. Is there a need when notices can be passed more effectively and efficiently using technology?

I am writing this having been to two assemblies so far this term. The first a joint effort from Mr Burnett and Ben Pomeroy (L6) – Ben talked through the findings of his innovative review of keeping personal information safe. All staff and students were engaged throughout. In the second Mr Gallimore talked us through the events leading up to the assassination of Qasem Soleimani and its potential effects on the Middle East. Absolutely fascinating and delivered in a way that was engaging for all in attendance.

Assemblies allow the school community to come together, to share successes (and difficulties) and to hear interesting and relevant experiences. They are most definitely an area of school life that stand up to the challenge to which I referred earlier.

Lee Glaser,

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