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Mathematicians excel in National Competition

Posted: 4th February 2020

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A sum total of 36 Taunton School Sixth Form students have achieved awards at the UK Maths Trust National Senior Mathematical Challenge.

The number represents 50% of the school’s sixth form mathematical students who undertook the 90-minute, multiple-choice competition aimed at students across the UK.

Awards are given to the top 60% of participants, with Gold Awards achieved by only the top 10%. Year 13 student Hugo Lam achieved a Gold Award with a Certificate of Merit for his high score. Daniel Lloyd-Jones (Year 13) also achieved a Gold Award which qualifies them both for the next round “Senior Kangaroo”. Nine students achieved Silver Awards and 25 gained Bronze.

Assistant Head of Maths Philip Edwards said “The Senior Maths Challenge allows pupils to solve a range of problems, putting their critical reasoning skills and mathematical knowledge to the test and allowing them to explore new ideas and develop key problem solving competencies. It’s an ideal way to challenge our students and I am very proud them for getting these fantastic results in a national competition.”

Senior Maths Challenge Award winners:
Gold: Hugo Lam (Year 13 – best in year), Daniel Lloyd-Jones (Year 13) (both qualified for the next round Senior Kangaroo, with Hugo receiving the Certificate of Merit in this)
Silver: Julian Mueller (Year 13), Oscar Thomas (Year 13), Stephen Cao (Year 13), Jonny Cole (Year 12 – best in year), Dan Travers (Year 12), Ana Alfaro (Year 12), Jonas Kosters (Year 12), Tat Yi Lau (Year 12), Erhan Xu (Year 12)
Bronze: Paddy Doherty (Year 13), Angela Yao (Year 13), Kingsley Feng (Year 13), Jerry Li (Year 13), Lorena Streit (Year 13), Rocky Guo (Year 13), Callas Cheng (Year 13), Yeonwoo Jung (Year 13), Roman Prokhorov (Year 13), Ben Mouzouri (Year 13), Katie Wang (Year 13), Sophie Clough (Year 13), Zekai Li (Year 12), Max Tuttiett (Year 12), Skyla Coate (Year 12), Oye Ajiboye (Year 12), Matthew Knight (Year 12), Zoe Cao (Year 12), Jesper Harington (Year 12), Petya Novosad (Year 12), Gustav Zhao (Year 12), Freddie Crouch (Year 12), Makena Nesbitt (Year 12), Dan Edwards (Year 12), Pak Ho Ku (Year 12)
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