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Charity Crepe Sale

Posted: 7th March 2020

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Every year each of our tutor groups are tasked with creating a fundraising event to raise money for the schools chosen charity and on Friday 6th March it was the turn of Mr Lovett’s tutor group!

The students came together to generate ideas and it was French student Valentin’s idea to hold a crepe sale. With some creative posters decorating the corridors and word of mouth buzzing around the campus the Foxcombe House Common Room was filled with hungry students ready and waiting to get their hands on some tasty treats!

Mr Lovett’s tutees took turns to show off their crepe making skills and with a selection of delicious toppings on offer the donations came flooding in. The students did a fantastic job and we are delighted that over £50 was raised for a good cause. The money will be going to ‘Drill2Drink’ who are raising money to bring fresh water to a remote area of Tanzania. A big well done to all the students involved in organising the evening fun.


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