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RAF Flying experience of a lifetime

Posted: 30th March 2020


On Friday 13th March three RAF Cadets and three RAF NCOs had the great honour of participating in the flying experience of a lifetime.

At 6am we made our way up to the Royal Air Force Association in Barry, Wales, as part of our CCF training and had the opportunity of flying the Grob Tutor light aircraft. Upon arrival, we promptly took part in safety training followed by a demonstration and practice of carrying out a parachute jump. After the required training, we were able to take the sky and fly the aircraft.
The Grob Tutor light aircraft has great visibility from its large canopy and is agile enough to allow it to perform full aerobatics.

This is the third time for me to go flying and really no words can truly express this exhilarating experience.

As a group of six, we were able to spend a long period of time understanding the nature of the aircraft, take control and with the encouragement of our instructors, complete several aerobatics. This includes the ‘Slow roll’, in which the plane makes a complete rotation around its roll axis while keeping the aircraft flying a straight and level flight path. Another manoeuvre started with
a stunning view heading towards the sky as we then let the aircraft stop, rotate 180 degrees and hurl towards the ground before leveling off to glimpse the horizon on a splendid spring day.
Along with the other cadets, I am really proud of the overall achievements and due to the adrenaline pumping the day, it made it an incredibly memorable one. One that I would recommend to all who like a challenge.


Sixth Form Student

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