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School teacher sets 3D printers to work making visors for NHS staff

Posted: 2nd April 2020

Taunton School 3D Printing Visors NHS (2)

Taunton School’s Head of Design & Technology, Glyn Bough, has risen to the challenge to support the NHS by using school devices to make specialist PPE equipment.

Having been made aware of the need to supply medical visors, Glyn set the school 3D printers to work 24/7 making essential visor clip components. He has been working with manufacturers to determine design specifications, and once made they will be shipped to Dulwich College London who are centrally locating them to attach to the face shields.

In addition, Taunton School has also donated all spare safety glasses, goggles and gloves to Musgrove Park Hospital.

Upon hearing about Glyn’s work with 3D printers via social media, local firm Taylor Wimpey have offered their own 3D printer as an additional resource for Taunton School to use for this important project.

The first batch of visor components will be sent off this Friday.

Glyn said: “There is a movement within the Design and Technology Departments across the country to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. And, having come from a family that have worked for the NHS for many years I felt we need help in any way we can. We have the machines, and we have the material; so why not? We will make as many as we can. We are also utilising our laser cutting facilities to make alternative versions of visors.”

Headmaster Lee Glaser said “This is a great example of community spirit and initiative during these testing times. I’m grateful to Glyn and to all who are making the difference.”

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