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Budding medics meet eminent surgeon and OT

Posted: 10th July 2020

medics meeting eminent surgeon and OT

Taunton School recently had the opportunity to video-chat with eminent Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr Mahesh Ramchandani, an OT, who was in School House at Taunton School and left in 1977 to study at Cambridge before working in a number of UK hospitals.

Dr Ramchandani is now based in Texas in the USA, and very generously gave his time to speak to students and staff, describing how his career choice of medicine was a vocation, and how it is a dedicated lifetime of learning.

Students had the chance to ask direct questions receiving honest and insightful answers. He provided an unique picture into his world and explained how he manages to balance a very demanding job alongside his family life. His insight and advice provided fascinating food for thought for our students who are considering a career in medicine.

Dr Ramchandani, who even wore a Taunton School shirt for the occasion, proved to be an inspirational role model for our budding surgeons of the future.

Watch the film of this fascinating talk on the School Facebook page.


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