Month: September 2020

International students enjoy a fun filled Induction Week

25th September 2020

With tensions naturally high in this global climate, returning to boarding school life is sure to come with its fair share of anxieties for young people, especially for our international…

Learning in a time of Covid

25th September 2020

My long-held conviction that September is the best month to be a teacher has taken a bit of a battering this year! Normally, I absolutely love the return to school. Even…

Welcome back

18th September 2020

I’ve attended Chapel, watched hockey fixtures, taught lessons, felt the passion of house matches, been on duty in the new dining room, visited a boarding house and delivered an assembly….

The Outlook is Global

18th September 2020

We, as a race, now shift more of the Earth’s surface than natural agents of erosion such as wind, waves, currents and moving masses of ice; we have left our…

The best day of my career

15th September 2020

I believe that Tuesday 8th September 2020 will forever go down as the best day of my teaching career! More particularly, it is that golden half an hour spent welcoming…

Embracing a new normal

12th September 2020

Our Prep boarders in Thone have had a fabulous first week back. It has been wonderful to hear the sound of laughter in the house once more and to see…

Taunton School students in brave sea rescue attempt

10th September 2020

During the summer break, two students from Taunton School showed tremendous courage when they rushed to the aid of a struggling swimmer in the Cornish sea. On 9th August, Gabriel…

Pre-Sessional Success

9th September 2020

The impact of Covid-19 is surely one of the most challenging things most of us have experienced, with the shutting down of work and school creating a huge ripple effect…